Thervior Amakiin


A Half Elf rasied in the outer cities of Argonor. When he was young, he was insulted and mocked by the other kids for being a half elf. Though, it was only the other children, it hurt him deep for a long time. As he grew up, he became more bottled and kept to himself, mainly. Though Humans are able to use Magic, Elves(Even, Half) are more developed in the arts of Arcana. He then became one of the smartest student to be brought up in the Kingdom.

As Thervior grew, he became more well-known in the lands. Mastering the arts of Arcana, he eventually caught the eye of King Ohtar. Thervior was asked to make an audience with the King. Overwhelmed with pride, he hurried. King Ohtar witnessed his ability first hand in the arts, followed by Thervior’s outstanding brilliance. The King offered Thervior a role as Advisor to the King. Though, Thervior was still pretty young, the King knew he would possess the ability.

After years of being by the King’s side, in the Human Empire, Thervior held his Elven heritage to high regard. He would purposely wear Elven like clothing, make sure his hair was always tied back in Elven royalty manner, and allow for his ears to show. This did not make the King uncomfortable. King Ohtar respected him for it, and it also showed the other Kingdoms that he trusted the other races.

Thervior sometimes appears as cold-hearted, because of how serious he is at times. Though, he may come off as mean, he does not mean to be. With the mass amount of intelligence he carries with him, so does a different view of the world. Thervior sees it all in numbers and facts, where his King sees it in the opposite spectrum. Ohtar would always find a middle ground, and sometimes, sacrifice things for the good of the people. Thervior, however, sometimes felt under minded, but the King would try to encourage him that he respected and trusted his view. Just, that sometimes things were more than mere data.

Thervior Amakiin

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