The Red Hand


The Guards of The North Haven. They serve King Ohtar, and follow Captain Artain. They all wear matching outfits of Grey Half-plate, and most are found wielding long swords, spears, or bows. The Red Hand wears helmets with half masks which resemble skulls. Their Leader, Captain Artain, is distinguished by his horns upon his helmet, and wields a Greatsword.

They are the personal guards to the King, along with everyone in North Haven. They are respected, even though sometimes they can be a bit pushy. Under the command of Captain Artain, they are a force to be dealt with, and even the worse criminals dare not cross them personally.

Many wish and try to get into the ranks of the Red Hand, but Captain Artain personally trains, tests and picks all of the members. His tests are often too much for everyone, and is one of the factors King Ohtar is looking for outsiders for aid. To be among the ranks of the Red Hand is huge honor, and some even from outside the lands of Argonor try. Though, Artain is not racist, there has only ever been Human soldiers within the Red Hand. He says it is because none of them were able to pass his tests and reach his expectations.

The Red Hand

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