'Rock' Balderk


Though information was scarce with this shady dwarf. His past is still in the shadows to even his own friends. The informatant said he would be found within the slums at night. Even Though there is a lack of hard information in Rock’s History, Argonor has seen plenty of him. Ever since his arrival to Argonor he has been making plenty of waves. Convicted of many crimes, and enprisoned for most of them. Though, unlike many rogues, his speciality was ‘roughing up’ his targets. More of a mobster, who demands payment for protection, or sometimes just payment. He gained his nickname ‘Rock’ by how hardheaded he is, and how he refuses to budge when confronted with objection.

Though a thief, he is not known as one. Rock is more known for his outbursts, and destruction to property. Whenever captured, he makes sure to take out a few guards along the way. It must be for this that he has a following with the other thieves in the city.

A very sturdy, and powerful dwarf. Rock prefers to deal with things himself, more so, with his fists. He spends most of his time working out, or down in the slums. He owns his own place within the slums as well, The Dragon Ring, which is an underground fighting ring. All brawls without weapons or armor, mono a mono. Rock prides himself in his ability to beat anyone in the city. He also has a gambling problem when it has to deal with the fights as well.

After meeting the head strong Dwarf, and defeat him in a challenge of strength, he happily takes in the team as friends. Allowing them to rest in his establishment, he aids the team in the next Captain of the Bleeding Crow.

After a day passes, Jerom and Revien return to The Dragon’s Ring to find it was being attacked by a group of mercenaries. During the battle, Rock was badly injured. The Paladin and Ranger fought their way through the ranks, making them retreat. Rock spent the next few days bedridden, but was on his feet soon enough.

He even spent the free week given to the group to help and train Talyn in fist fighting.

'Rock' Balderk

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