King Ohtar


King Ohtar is the King of The North Haven, along with the leader of the Human Empire within Argonor. He is a very friendly, and cheerful King. He has brought peace to the land while allying with the other Kingdoms in the land. His people love him, and the Kingdoms trust him. Philip Ohtar has been King for many years, and is even coming to his last few years. He has no descendants, and never married. His father before him was King, and was a fierce King. The people did not hate him, but they did indeed fear him. As an only child, his mother taught him to be kind, and gentle. Since he saw his mother more, he took after her.

Taking these teaches with him when he took the throne. He assured his people that he was their friend, and showed it as he helped the needy, and rebuild many of the cities with his own gold.

With the help of his Captain, and his Advisor, he sought out the aid and respect of the other Kingdoms. Reaching to both, The Elven and Dwarven Kingdoms, he wished to find peace with them. Though it took a few years, they were bond together in trust. The land would know peace thanks to King Philip Ohtar.

Though, there is peace, there is always lawbreakers. The King wants to deal with the crime rate that is rising in his streets, but he does not have the time to train or divide his guards. Instead, he is looking for more freelancers to help with the assignment. King Ohtar also does not wish that, in case of unseen circumstances, to be blamed for death that may come from it. Ohtar understands it may be impossible to avoid, he wishes it on no one, even those that don’t abide the law.

Sending out for those capable of taking the job, he waits for newly recruited ‘members’ to help in his plea.

Allowing the team to take upon the mission, The King revealed their job. To discover the reason behind the recent increase of thievery across the Kingdom.

As the group returned successful, the King was overjoyed in the news. Even throwing a huge feast in their honor, and rewarding them greatly for their deeds. Afterwards, he announces that he will give the team a week off, for any means they wish.

King Ohtar

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