Jin Thalion


Jin is the Captain of The Revered. A witty, and cool-headed captain, who cares deeply for his crew. From time to time, he works as a transport ship, but his job mainly falls under the pirate classification. Has many safe havens throughout the lands, along with many friends of Dwarfs, Elves and Man alike. Rumor has it, through the friendship of the Dwarfs and Elves, he has acquired special weapons that are still in the prototype stages.

Jin made his appearance to Zhoa, as he ‘saved’ him from a rabid Captain who owed him money. Though it seemed wrong to Zhoa, it seemed perfectly fine to the Pirate. Introducing himself, he said he could lead them to the next Captain of the Bleeding Crow.

Soon, he befriended the group, and even gave them their next clue of the search for the Bleeding Crow. Eventually, after the team was successful in their endeavors, he appeared to congratulate them, along with the other former Captains of the Thief Guild. As thanks for helping them find Scarlett’s older brother, Jin offered the team safe passage through the waters whenever possible.

Jin Thalion

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