There are plenty of stories of Jez around the land. She is known throughout Argonor, along with the other kingdoms. The informant has told she could be found around the docks. The docks were a make-shift home for her, as she does sail the sea very often. Jez has been in port for a while, only because the work in Argonor has been so well.

Jez has the name “The Jackal” because of her surnames similarity, along with her tattoo of one on her waist. Some also think it’s because of her dexterity with a blade, and how quick she is to outwit her foes… And sometimes, her allies. Jez likes to lie, and she is good with it. Whether she uses her words, or her body, she gets what she wants. Though, she may be untrustworthy, Jez is always looking for valuable crewman.

As a pirate, she is used to sailing the world, and seeing all the different lands. She has even seen the shores of Nîraneth, and rumor has it she learned to wield a blade. Now, that shes back in the local shores, she seems to be looking for a big hit, working with the Bleeding Crow.

As Zhoa runs into her Captain, Jin, and Revien finds a crew member, Scarlett, the group finds out of her whereabouts. After a game of aim, Revien came out the victor, granting access to the information they needed. Along with a finely made dagger, told to be a key. However, all of this was a condition to help free one of their own.

The team holds their end of the deal, and finds the trapped man inside the base of the Bleeding Crow, who is soon found out to be Scarlett’s older brother. However, as the team fights their way through the thieves, much blood was spilled. Jez had followed, bringing along Scarlett, to find them just in case the group could not be trusted. However, because of this, both see what horrors the group inflicted on the men. While, Jez, herself, had killed many, she did not expect the group to. Infact, she expected better. Becoming a bit cold to the group, they took the captured man, and made their way out of the hideout.

Soon after the victory over the Bleeding Crow, Jez came to congratulate the team. Dispite what she shall, she knew they were good people, and purhaps, they had no choice in the matter.


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