Derrick Koman


Not too much is known about Derrick Koman. The information gathered gives a few hints, but enough to work off of. The group finds him within the Black Light District, drinking at The ‘Troll-Eyed’ Bar. A human who has seen all that can be seen in the lands of Argonor. Though brilliant in his own right, and a scholar in mechincal devices, he spends his knowledge on the darker side of things. A thief, through and through, only wasting his talent on the truely worthy of prizes.

He keeps a rather large ego, and has a way with words and women. Derrick loves sword play, and especially his pet dragon ‘Fleet’. But over all else, Derrick loves the ale. He loves to drink, and the taste of all the different kinds. He is well versed in the ages, and brews, and often finds himself talking about the drink more than his jobs.

Though he is a tough man to crack, he is very honorable, and loves to accept challenges to the game of Drink. He is confidant in his own ability, though, since he has never been beaten. He is unafraid to take to a fight, as well. Though, less confidant in that, he is still a challenge to be met with.

As Jerom and Revien returned to the Dragon’s Ring, Talyn and Zhoa made an effort to find Derrick. Upon locating him in his favorite bar, he challenges the pair to a drinking contest for the information. Soon, being defeated, he offers the final key to Talyn and Zhoa. Fleet, his pet dragon.

Soon after the victory over the Bleeding Crow, Derrick shows up to congratulate the team. Offering his thanks, he lets Zhoa keep the dragon as his own, and then disappears into the crowds of North Haven.

Derrick Koman

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