Captain Artain


The Captain, and leader of New Havens personal Militia, The Red Hand. He even serves as the Kings personal Guard. A very strict person, he holds himself to high regard. While Artain is demanding, he backs it up. Expert in hand to hand combat, and battlefield tactics, he only expects the best out of his Men.

Raised within the walls of New Haven, his father served the King as well. Training since he was a child, he dreamed only to be a Knight. When the time came, he out preformed his peers. Working his way up, he eventually became Captain of the New Haven Guards. And from there, he only raised in higher respect, boosting his own ego. While Captain, he soon rebuilt the New Haven Guards from the ground up.

Reinventing the Knights, he chose to give them their own persona, and created The Red Hand. Donning the same outfit as his Men, he hand picked each position. Even firing many of the original Knights, feeling that some were too aged, or even not trust worthy. His new creation was one of the best things New Haven had seen. It was much needed, as King Ohtar was trying to strengthen ties between other Kingdoms.

Though, Durgan Artain respects and follows his King’s orders, he does not fully agree with his idea to hire outsiders. Against his best thoughts, he accepts, and goes out looking for the ‘new meat’.

When Artain met with the group, he was not pleased to hear that they would work for the King. He even had many of the Red Hand Knights keep an eye on the party. Eventually, he even had a few run ins with the team, in some pretty sour situations, but gave them their chance.

Eventually, Zhoa was able to convince them to take part in a mission, protecting the former Captains of the Bleeding Crow, as the team made a siege against the leader. Impressed with the valor of the group, his mind was changed by their actions. Even nominating Talyn as a honorary member of The Hand.

During the Banquet held in honor of the team, The Captain took up arms against one of the entertainment, Prin, who bested of all the Red Hand in a fight. While Captain was clearly on the winning side, Prin held a few tricks up his sleeve and was able to catch Artain off guard before the match was called a draw.

Captain Artain

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