A boy you discovered, and helped save from the law. A playful spirit, and willing to help, for a price. Though, not many people think highly of him, for he is only a street rat at heart. Though a thief, he has his own set of morals, and even risked his life in front of the party to make them swear not to harm the children caught up in the Guild.

Jerom had given him information where he could seek help, and Adam accepted the information very happily. But little is known if he actually sought out the aid.

Adam shows up in The Dragon’s Ring to return the favor you had shown him back at the Marketplace. He tells Rock that you mean no harm, and were no killers, and deserved a chance to speak like civilized people.

Soon after, when the mercenaries showed up in the Bar, joining Revien and Jerom, Adam took up arms to protect the civilians. Able to hold them off, the mercenaries retreated, leaving Adam in a state of rage. Zhoa concocted a plan for Adam to help and protect the civilians of the Bar as the group went and made a strike at the heart of The Bleeding Crow.

Being victorious, Adam celebrated with the newly dubbed Heroes of North Haven.


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