Fading Oasis

Chapter 1: The Bleeding Crow

Maius the 2nd:

The adventure begins! You all travelled to New Haven of your own intentions. While there, you hear a rumor of a job opening in the King’s service. King Ohtar was overwhlemed as you preformed your abilities. Granting you access to the information, the King tells you of an apparent rise in crime. Giving you many presents, and informing you of what has happened, he grants you exit, and tells you to begin in the morning. As the fstivities begin to die down, you encounter a boy, who is apparently in trouble, from his own decisions. Arioni’s quick thinking allows the freedom of this boy from his persuers, but for a cost. Adam gives you all the information he could give, and you part ways. Not before Jerom gives the boy information of his own, of his Church. As the sun begins to fall, the party finds their way to the Inn King Ohtar has recommended. After eatting, everyone makes their way to the rooms, and settles for the night. However, before the sun could rise on the next morning, an intruder finds their way into the parties room. However, Revien is quick on his feet, and takes the target by surprise. Alerting everyone else, the group quickly takes the assassin down. Helpless, the group pries as much information as they can from the assassin. However, he was just a gun for hire, and very little was given besides a note for a reward. Without discussion, Arioni finishes the job, and kills the assassin. However, this did not go over well for the rest of the group… The sun dawns on the first day on your mission… What awaits you today?

Maius the 3rd:

As you all venture out, you soon find yourselves within the Slums of North Haven, where many of the less fortunate live. From the Assassin’s words, you find the alley where the hit was placed on you. From the fight with the Bleeding Crow, a stranger makes himself known, and attacks the party. Leaving just in time for the Red Hand to catch the group in a very serious situation. Jerom is able of calming them down, as Zhoa asks for help on information on the Stranger’s weapon. Soon, Arioni is found on the wrong side of the group when he openly attacks an unarmed civilian. Trying to subdue him, Arioni seems to lose his own stance on reality, and knocks himself out. Binding him, they find it fit to help the civilian, and take him to a Cleric. After being healed, you are informed of one of the Guild’s Captains within the Slums. However, because of the ‘betrayal’ he felt from the team, Arioni leaves to do his own work. Though down a member, the rest of the group finds their way back to the Slums, and finding the Dwarf, Rock, and a NĂ®raneth Cleric, Talyn. Rock challenges the group to one of his games, and upon tying, Zhoa is summoned for a fist to fist duel. After a vicious and close fight, Zhoa comes out victorious, where Adam makes his return to the group. Explaining things to his friend, Rock, they are treated as friends. Rock explains that there are three doors to bypass for the Guild’s lair, and he only held the first’s password; ‘There is only the past’. Rock then goes on to tell you of two entrances into the Lair. One is located within the Slums, and the other is located within the Docks. He also informs you of two other Captains, Derrick Koman and Jackal, and the Leader, Helian Liadur. With this news, he tells the party to enjoy the night, and gives you housing for the evening.

Maius the 3rd:

Maius the 4th:

Maius the 5th:

Maius the 6th-12th:
(Week of rest)

Maius the 13th:
(New assignment, beginning of travel for Falash, ambush)

Maius the 14th:
(Confrontation of the Dwarves)

Maius the 15th-25th:
(Journey to Falash)

Maius the 26th:
(Arrival to Falash, confrontation with Death)

Maius the 27th:
(Keya’s battle, visit to Arillic, defeat of Brenna)

Maius the 28th:


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