Long ago, the land of Kahmen was in danger of being wiped off the map. A powerful demon had rose to the ranks of Godlike, Nazaroth. The combined powers of the people were not enough. When all seemed lost, a human named Agito was able to combating the demon. However, he was not strong enough to destroy Nazaroth. Agito weakened him, and in that state was able to seal away Nazaroth from the plane of existence. But, for his own life as well. His life was mourned, but he was celebrated as a Hero to the people, especially among the Humans.

You live in the United Lands of Kahmen. To the West in the everlasting gorgeous city of Merleh, is the Kingdom of Elves, Eàrànë. To the South in the highest reaches of Nurack, is the Kingdom of Dwarves, The Stone Sanctuary. In the center leading to the East was freelands of Gaia, home to all. To the North in the strong and ever growing land of Argonor, was the Empire of Man, North Haven.

It is here, in North Haven we begin our journey. King Ohtar is seeking a new extension of his reach. He wishes to be able to control the rising crime within his lands, but cannot afford to train, and employ more Guards and Soldiers. A freelance group would be easier to control, reward, and give more jobs. He reaches out to those able to aid him, and holds an open court to those willing…


1. What classes and races are available?
Any of them that are featured in the players handbook 3.5 Along with the prestige classes in the DMs book.

2. What level are we starting?
Level 1

3. What method of rolling our characters stats are we using?
We’ll be using the Point Buy System. You will receive 30 points (usually 25), and you will have to put these points in your stats. You start at 8 in every stat, and cannot go lower to ‘gain more points’. Going from 9-14 will cost 1 point for each increase. 15-16 will cost 2 points each. And 17-18 will cost 3 points each. And so you do this correctly. Do the Point Buy numbers first before you add any increases or decreases to them, due to race. Please ask me personally if you have any more questions.

4. What are the rules for Combat on the Forums?
Since we are playing online, and not everyone will be able to get on when their turn is up, a 12 hour rule will be applied. If you do not post after 12 hours, and I feel, as the DM, it might take longer, I will move onto the next turn. You do not lose your turn, but it will be delayed until you act. However, if you are delayed until your following turn takes place, a new time limit will be applied, and you will lose your previous turn. This is to keep the battle moving.

5. Are there any homebrewed rules?
Yes, there will be some. Most of them are minor changes, and are usually up to the DM anyway. But the biggest rule change I implement is the fact that there is no penalty to multiclassing any longer.

6. Is a background required
It is not, but I would like one. And if you are going to make one, please let me see it first. Not so I can say it’s good or bad, but to see if I can incorporate it into the story further.

7. What alignment are we going to be using, or if forced into any?
You are able to be anything, except Evil. But understand, some other classes/characters may not like you. I.E. a Paladin and a Rogue.

8. What will the game focus on? Combat or Roleplaying?
Both. I will have plenty of everything, and also expect a lot of puzzles and traps.

9. Since we are starting in a human city, are we forced to play as humans?
No, you can play whatever race you want to. Even though there are certain races controlling the cities, it only means they are heavily populated there. Other races live there as well.

10. Is there racism in the cities?
Not really. The land is in peace, and the human King is trying his best to unify the land together. However, Elves and Dwarves do share a grudge, but not killing over it. But remember, there are always bad ones in a peaceful world.

11. Is there any special rules with multiclassing
Normally, you take penalties for taking multiclasses that is not from your favored class. However, you will not in this campaign. Aslo, Paladins and Monks who leave their order cannot come back. For this campaign, I am also striking that from the rules.

12. Whats the starting gold amount?
Usually, you roll for it, but I’m going to be generous. Everyone will start with 200 gold.

If you have any further questions, please ask me. And if it seems like a good question, I’ll add it here.

Fading Oasis

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